Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability
2. Prices
3. Supplies
4. Ordering
5. Delivery
6. Guarantee
7. Complain and return it
8. Liability

1. Applicability
These general conditions apply to all offers and agreements between the buyer and schuurmanbv.com of any kind, and the resulting commitments. Deviations can only be agreed in writing with schuurmanbv.com. Under these conditions the customer shall mean the Client or the person who enters into an agreement with schuurmanbv.com or wants to enter, or for whom schuurmanbv.com a tender or a delivery made, as co his successors. Deviations can only be agreed in writing with schuurmanbv.com. If any provision of these terms and conditions for any reason whatsoever not valid applicable, conditions remain in force for the rest. Schuurmanbv.com is entitled from time to time the overall sales, delivery and payment conditions change. These will be published on www.schuurmanbv.com.

2. Prices
All prices and rates are in Euro excl. 21% VAT. Prices are based on the offer at current prices, rates, wages and taxation, duties, charges, fees etc. In case of increase of any of these costs factors schuurmanbv.com is entitled to the increase accordingly. Such an increase does not entitle the buyer to terminate the contract. The shipping costs will be calculated by country, and displayed in the shopcart.

3. Supplies
Schuurmanbv.com determine the mode of transportation, shipping, packaging and the Shipping / transport of goods is always charged to the customer. The customer is liable for all direct shipment delivery to check for defects such as damage and / or incomplete. In case of damage or missing packages, this should always mentioned directly to the carrier to be recorded and reported to schuurmanbv.com. If the damage or missing packages after delivery is found, it should be completed within a period of 5 days to be reported to the carrier. The claim must be accompanied by an indication of delivery or invoice number of the shipment is sent. After receiving endorsement for the customer is deemed to have approved the shipment. If and when the complaint is justified by schuurmanbv.com, schuurmanbv.com will, at its discretion and within reasonable time, either repair the defect or replace the defective goods, without the customer being entitled to any compensation whatsoever . The complaining relieve the customer from its commitments towards schuurmanbv.com.

4. Ordering
You must use your account for ordering at www.schuurmanbv.com
This account request will be send to you by mail, and must be activated. After activation you can change your account setting on our site.

    Shopping module:
1. Products can be add in the shoppingcard by choosing the product in the productpage
    or directly in the shopping module.
2. You can choose the correct delivery (existing) address or collect.
3. Add comment/attention/extra information to the order.
4. The total order will be shown.
5. Confirm the order.
6. You'll receive an orderconfirmation by mail.
7. You'll receive shipment information by mail.
8. You'll the invoice by mail or/and by post.

5. Delivery
If desired items are in stock, schuurmanbv.com aims to secure the order within the max of three working days. Delivery is not later than 30 days after ordering. Are the desired items not in stock, schuurmanbv.com contacts you the next working day.
When you ordering from some countries outside the EU en the order will be delivered outside the EU, the prices are excluding VAT. You will receive a Proforma Invoice, with the shipping costs, by email, after confirming the order.
Your order will be shipped, after receiving the payment for this Invoice by Bank or Creditcard.

Download: 2013 Transport Rates

6. Guarantee
The warranty does not apply if the defects have been fully or partially resulting from incorrect, careless or improper use, use for non-standard applications including racing purposes, external causes, such as fire or water damage. Several products come with manufacturer's warranty. The cost for shipment to schuurmanbv.com be borne by the customer. Unstamped goods are not accepted. The customer is responsible for damage or loss during transport to schuurmanbv.com. This can not be recovered from the transport insurance of schuurmanbv.com. The shipping of the exchange or repaired product to the customer on behalf of schuurmanbv.com, provided that the defective items are.

7. Complain and return it
Returning the wrong product(s) can only be delivered prior written permission of schuurmanbv.com
(see contact). Items can be returned only if they are original and undamaged condition, in undamaged original packaging and complete. Under the law complain, you can receive your money back within eight days after purchase. This is not true for items which according to specifications given by the customer are manufactured.

8. Liability
Schuurmanbv.com is never obliged to pay the direct or indirect damages resulting from or caused by defects in goods or services or not, late or incorrect operation of its supply or goods and / or services , except in cases of intent or gross negligence of schuurmanbv.com. Schuurmanbv.com is not liable for its employees and / or third parties engaged by it to the buyer or third party damage, for whatever reason or any cause whatsoever, except in cases of culpable intent or gross negligence schuurmanbv.com. In no case extends the liability beyond the coverage of the insurance taken by schuurmanbv.com. For damages of any nature whatsoever, arising or resulting from incorrect, careless or improper use, or use for other purposes than normal by schuurmanbv.com goods is not liable schuurmanbv.com. The customer indemnifies schuurmanbv.com and its employees against claims by third parties as compensation for material and moral damages, directly or indirectly caused by (used in) provided by schuurmanbv.com. Schuurmanbv.com liability under the agreement with the customer in all circumstances be limited to the invoiced amount of the contract excluding VAT.


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